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Humans of TFS: Wellness Edition

With the stressful season of exams and final summative assignments in full swing, this edition of Humans of TFS documents students’ and staff members’ thoughts on the definition of ‘wellness,’ how we can eliminate mental health stigma, and ways they use to take care of themselves. This series was captured on a C-Day for, a non-profit seeking to revolutionize mental health. Passers-by were invited to write what wellness means to them on a sticky notes attached to a bulletin board.

“To eliminate stigma, we need to think more about the language we use. A lot of people say ‘I’m bipolar’ when they’re really not. Not only do we need to be having these conversations about mental health, but we also need to think more about the words we’re using in conversations.”


« La santé mentale, c’est une façon d’être en paix avec toi-même »


“Wellness is imperfection. It’s embracing everything that’s not perfect about yourself. It’s Self-love; loving yourself before you can love others.”


“How do you take care of your mental health when you have a heavy assignment load?”

“When I’m stressed before a big test, I like to use the Smith app. The app helps you meditate based on your age category and I find it really helpful!”

“Me? Sleep. Read.”


“I’ve learned that time for self-care is not just the ‘down time’ after ‘work time.’ It’s more. Take exercise as an example. It is so important. After I work out, I am ready for the day. I no longer disregard it as part of ‘down time’ and that realization has been essential for me.”


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