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Simply Lived: Selected Poems

Purple-like Hue

I dance around in

Secrets and sparkles

With a purple-like hue

To it all –

I whip my hair around

To the sound

Of my own voice

With a pointed toe,

Straightened legs

And my fingers curled just so,

I dance and dance –

I put on a show,

I dance and dance –

No one would even know

Let’s Call It

I am held together

With delicately placed


And glue spread with an

Unconscious sigh,

I tiptoe on creaky floor boards

Trying not to make a sound –

Let’s call it shatter bound,

Let’s call it a glass of rye

Heart encased in a body that

Screams self-made,

That screams self-hate,

That screams broken china,

Not just some broken plate,

It screams I could be,

I would be great –

Let’s call it tampered fate,

Let’s call it getting by

With a slip of a word,

Or a slip of a tear,

The song of a bird,

Or a cry out in fear -

Let’s call it life’s leer

Let’s call it the lowest high

I chew on ceramic

As cuts fill my mouth

Shattered pieces start falling out,

Let’s call it I try.

I Write To Create Reality

I don’t write to embellish or

Relish in the beauty of reality

I write to create reality

I write to solidify what

Floats around in my mind

I write to find what does not exist

I write so bliss can exist

And so will everything else

That would otherwise

Float around in the depths

Of an abyss

I write to make a physical manifestation,

An accurate representation

Of the endless occupation

Of my stationary mind

An entrepreneur, if you will

She Was

And she was....

Never to be taken at face value,

A thin leather belt wrapped tightly around her waist

She’s wild but wants to be put her in her place

Does what she wants

Yet somehow with grace

She keeps a pace

It’s fast, yet slow moving,

Her voice is loud but soothing

Constantly proving everyone wrong

She’s strong

But not afraid to cry,

Reserved but not quite shy

Always talking and nothing spoke was a lie

Ripped jeans, ball gowns, tight dresses

She never picked a side

And yet she could always decide

Her hips moved not with grandeur

But as if she always had hands on her

Not quite grasping farther than the surface

Not quite grasping her true purpose

She gets herself the furthest

She doesn’t get nervous

Because she thinks every action is worthless in the grand scheme of things

So she sings like no one is watching

And dances with such passion it’s shocking

Walking with an unrushed importance,

Walking like it was a performance,

Walking with such discordance,

She embodied nonconformance

She was captivating, she was flooring

In every song she became the chorus,

Constantly stuck in your mind

And you’ll find




For her distorted outlook on life

It will be burning a whole in your mind

She was never to be taken at face value

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