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The Commute

Commuting is hard. Especially when having to do it every day, to and from school, an hour each way. Many students have to do this, particularly the Mississauga kids. I should know: I’m one of them. I have to get up before 6 to be ready to drive to the West Campus to board the bus at 7, (despite the new start time for Level 1 and 2 students). It’s especially hard going to school so early knowing our precious sleep time is wasted sitting at a desk staring at our phones. And what is there to do on the bus? Sure there’s WIFI but it doesn’t work anymore. we can either use up data going on our phones, attempt to sleep or talk about nothing. But we’re too tired to even talk. Homework is also rarely done on the bus because of the bumps, motion sickness and the lack of motivation. So really, it’s 2 hours of our lives completely wasted. Last year wasn’t as bad, because I had all my friends to talk to everyday. But now that we’re all spread across four different buses, silence takes over the yellow bus. Having to wait for the bus to get home is also tiring. Every day on the curb is always 3 out of the 4 buses. While some students immediately hop on their bus and go home, the others and I have to wait 15-20 min before our bus comes. I often wish I could be home with a snap of my fingers, but obviously that won’t be happening any time soon…


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