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Christian Dior at The ROM

Toronto’s favourite museum will soon be featuring none other than Christian Dior. By mixing art with nature, this glamourous artist creates incomparable clothing. Dior, the sixth-most expensive clothing brand in the world, according to Forbes Magazine, has dominated the luxury fashion industry for the past 70 years.

How did this world-renowned brand begin? Dior began in 1946, when the French fashion designer, Christian Dior, founded it. At a young age, Dior made his living selling fashion sketches. A few years later, Dior was hired by several fashion magazines. However, World War II brought that to a end. Christian Dior served in the French Army. Post war, Dior continued to pursue his passion for clothing, drawing sketches wherever he went. He founded his company, Dior, and died several years later due to a heart attack. Despite Mr. Dior’s death, his company is still thriving.

Why is Dior at the ROM Holt Renfrew was one of the first Canadian stores to sell Dior to their customers. Because of this, they are sponsoring the Dior exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Importing dresses from France, the ROM is definitely making this exhibit as glamorous as possible. They will be featuring Dior’s dresses from 1940 to 1960. The exhibit is opening November.

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