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May 27, 2020

To the Class of 2020,

despite the shortened run,

Through all the highs and all the lows,

together we’ve had fun!

It started way back in 0-2,

and ended in 2-0.

I know that we will all be happy,

wherever we may go.

Hands down Marino’s favorites,

he told us every day,

we were all his little tourists,

dodging the Brevet! 

Through all the comings and the goings

our core remained the same,

with every subject proving hard,

the sciences like a game.


By: Det. Evit Ceted

March 30th, 2020

There is no doubt that every student, no matter their school or their situation, is facing quite the set of circumstances at the moment - the unfortunate closure of TFS due to unrelated causes that seem to have coincidentally shut down a large part of Canada’s economy at the same time. But one group of people is challenged by an especially large problem: they are the teachers of TFS.

TFS is a...

May 27, 2020


He has nightmares with his eyes open.

You always try

to shake him awake 

to convince him the monsters are

just shadows, 

and the growls are in his head. 

But the shadows are those of love lost, 

and the growls 

are your getaway car roaring 

to life. 

Hourglass – We all saw it coming

It’s tragic. How you faded to sand

right there in my arms. 

I let you run between my fingers and watch

as you trickle down to earth. 

Spa Day

I pampered mysel...

May 27, 2020

Maybe it's easy to step over stones

avoid crushing flowers as you walk all alone 

to look quickly behind you and see if you’ve left a mess 

check for muddy footprints that are hard to miss 

walk along the curb 

dangerously close to the edge 

feel a car fly by 

a smile tugging at the lips 

to make it to a light 

that tells you when to move 

watch closely knowing these are the rules 

maybe close your eyes as you pick up the pace

trust the w...

April 20, 2020

By: Phil Ossofee, Individual Who Reflects, Citizen Who Acts

In an effort to make its students think more about how they generate knowledge, Toronto French School - Canada’s International School has begun to offer a novel Theory of Theory of Knowledge class, in which students consider the ways of knowing what the ways of knowing in the traditional Theory of Knowledge class are. Students consider the implications of implications,...

April 20, 2020

Two Cans and A String 

Call me.

If you call me then we can talk. 

We can talk about you and me and how we’re both going to die someday. 

Call me. 

If you call me then we can meet up.

We can meet up and walk around with snow in our hair and butterflies in our stomachs.

Call me.

If you call me then then we can reveal all our secrets.

We can tell each other everything we were thinking when we were together 

and everything when we weren’t. 


April 20, 2020


The streets are empty with fear

And breathe, it will be alright my dear

Put your hand in mine ‘cause I can 

See they’re raw from bleach –

Stop scrubbing so hard;

That’s not what you need,

Stop picking away – you’re making yourself bleed -

Look into my eyes and trust me when I say 

This won’t last forever,

We’ll take it day-by-day

When you get in your head

And all that dread comes out to play,

I can assure you the cracked-ope...

February 11, 2020

I stood, powerless, as the rocket lifted off with an explosion to head back to Earth. It went up into the sky, lifting higher and higher until it was out of my view. I looked at the reddish-coloured craters around me. This is a world that will save our population: Mars. 

“This is Earth’s command center to Mark. Aleo, can you hear us?” a voice said, after a crackle and a brief moment of static. I looked at my brother, and he gav...

February 11, 2020

Forgive me,

Because I have tried

To nurture the seeds that grow between us

Yet the tree it grew into didn’t flourish,

Like expected, and

Didn’t bear fruit, but 

Withered, and


February 11, 2020

The Settlement

Once you’ve taken 

a piece of 

somebody’s heart 

you can’t really give it back

so keep it

somewhere safe –

no, really 

I want you to have it 

An Ache in my Soul

Just the way you stand 

(across the room)

is so compelling  

Your smile looks

like golden hour


When you are young enough 

To believe

That everything has been 


just in time 

for you


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