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American Government Lifting the Ban on Trophy Hunting for African Elephants

I first found out about this issue on Instagram. A few of the actors from the Fox TV show Gotham were talking about it. I know we don’t live in the United States, but it’s our neighbouring country and we should still be concerned with problems around the world.

Let me explain what is happening and what has happened. Unfortunately, there are some in the American government who have made bad decisions. It’s scary that these are the people that have the most power over a country. President Donald Trump’s administration made the decision to remove the important ban on trophy hunting African elephants. This allows the hunting of endangered African elephants and the importing of them as trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. This ban was put in place during Obama’s presidency.

I don’t understand why the new American government is trying to undo the good things that the previous president did to improve America. It makes sense to change the bad things, but how will allowing endangered elephants to be hunted as trophies be any step in advancing American society? Instead, it’s a step backwards. The Internet of course has blown up over this and for good reason. It makes me really sad and angry that a government would think that this is a good idea. I encourage everyone to look further into this subject.

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