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Perspective: Short Story

We all think a certain way: whether it’s that makeup is overrated or that soccer is boring. These examples are rather mundane, but they represent some everyday thoughts. In this article, I am going to launch you on an expedition to broaden your mind and become more empathetic. The story takes place in a cafeteria, a little past lunch rush, when few people are around. These seven perspectives, although very different, when sewn together, make a beautiful tapestry.



I heard a couple chuckles from another lunch table. When I turned, it was obvious that they were looking at me. I was sitting alone, everybody had left to read, play or just hang out in the commons. Not really caring, I turned away and became absorbed in my thoughts again. Suddenly a boy stood up and strode to my table. He sat down and said “Hi”. I didn’t respond. Knowing people, it was probably a dare. It was as if they screamed in front of everyone, “Hey, look at that table, that person’s a loner.” It was true, but they just made it bold, underlined, and highlighted.

Bystander #1

How dare he! Sitting down with a random girl he doesn’t even know! I feel bad for that girl, she mustn't like being a dare subject. And his friends are even worse. They encouraged him to go and burst that poor girl’s bubble. Seriously, do people have empathy and sympathy these days?

Bystander #2

Wow, that boy was extraordinarily kind and compassionate! He sat with that lonely girl. But, that lonely girl is so spoiled and ungrateful, he was being nice to her and she was ignoring him. Children these days...


I was chatting with my friends while having lunch. One of them dared me to go sit with that peculiar girl sitting by herself. What else could I do? They’d think I was a baby if I didn’t, so I agreed. Some of them laughed at her - they could be quite mean sometimes. I felt bad for her, not having any company. I slowly walked over to her table, noticing she looked mildly surprised. When I sat down and said “Hi”, she glanced at my friends then at me. Her eyes started filling with cold fury and a little pain. Not being able to make eye contact, I stared off into space. Finally, I couldn’t take it any more, I said “Bye”, and left.

Friend #1

I cleared my throat and declared that it was my turn to dare someone. I picked one of my friends and searched the cafeteria for a good dare. I spotted an outcast eating her lunch, and I decided that it was my best bet. So, I dared him to go and sit with her. Quite a few of my friends (and myself) started laughing. She looked at us unruffled, for a moment I thought this entire dare was going to fail, but she continued to eat her lunch. My friend walked over and sat down. She glowered at us, but why? Anyways, my friend left shortly after, quite embarrassed. I felt a little awkward for having suggested this dare.

Friend #2

When one of my friends dared another to go sit with an odd girl, I was thinking “NOOOOOOOO!” But, sunce they’re my only friend group, I didn’t say a thing. My friends started cruelly laughing at her, I was the first who noticed that she was watching us carefully. She turned and floated around in her own world. Little did she know that she was a dare subject. I desperately wanted to stop my friend from leaving, but the second I mustered up my courage to stop him, he was already halfway to her table. I groaned and sadly watched the scene, while my mind told me that I was a coward and an idiot. Understanding people well, I knew that she took this as no normal dare. She glared at us. I felt even worse, I had just wounded the feelings of a innocent girl. When my friend left her table, I saw her carefully compose her face in order to face more of these stupid incidents.

Friend #3

When the daring game started, I had no idea that it would get so hilarious. When my friend got dared to sit with a weird girl, we all looked at her and snickered. At the sound, the girl suddenly looked alert, she observed us coolly (I was under the impression I was being X-rayed). As she looked away, my friend shuffled to her table and plopped down. As he said “Hi”, she gazed at us (I still felt like I was being X-rayed) then at him. She started to look a little upset. The longer I surveyed the developing situation, the more intrigued I became. When my friend came back to our table, I was thoroughly disappointed. Well, that was an entertaining lunch period!


There you have it, seven people each telling the same story in a captivating way. We can see from this story how easily people misunderstand others. Hopefully, this has helped you see the world in a different way or given you hope that someone might feel the same way that you do. If you have read this entire article, I strongly believe that it might make a change in your life.

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