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Prehistoric Shark Found

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Eath. 80 million years ago, something lurked within the depth of the ocean near Portugal: a prehistoric shark. This shark dates back an estimated 80 million years. It is roughly five feet long and has over 300 teeth. This shark was nicknamed “the living fossil” for a reason: it is the oldest species discovered to date in the ocean. The aquatic animal is long and slim, resembling an eel more so than a shark. However, its carnivorous ways are not to be questioned. The Prehistoric Shark mainly eats fish and squid. This species of shark is rarely seen. Other sightings of this species have been in the Atlantic and off the coast of Japan. This rare species is an unbelievable discovery! Yet scientists believe that there are 8.7 billion undiscovered species, leaving us asking: what else is out there?

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