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6 Clever Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact and Stay Healthy at the Same Time!

1. Bring your lunch

If you pack a lunch everyday for school using reusable tupperware, you can reduce an immense amount of waste, and it is less costly! In addition, you can avoid spending your money on those eye-catching cookies and muffins on your way out of the cafeteria when you bring your lunch.

2. Pack a water bottle

It is super important to stay hydrated to keep a healthy diet. A good way to make sure you are getting your recommended dose of water is to bring a water bottle! It’s a friendly reminder to drink up and it prevents another plastic water bottle from ending up in a landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

3. Bike or walk to school

A great way to get some exercise and stay in shape is to take you bike or walk to school. You can get some fresh air in the morning and afternoon and reduce up to 50 kilograms of CO2 emissions by taking your car to school.

4. Buy local, organic produce

A study conducted in 2016 showed that organic produce contained 50% more nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids than GMOs. Organic produce also allows for increased water conservation, pollution reduction, lower energy emissions and benefits surrounding wildlife.

5. Eat less beef and poultry

Experts say that cutting down on beef and poultry consumption would have a greater environmental impact than abandoning cars altogether. Meat also contains a lot of saturated fat, which in turn can lead to issues with you heart and your kidneys.

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