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Are Extra-Curriculars Worth It?

While extra-curricular activities may appear to be additional work, they are proven to improve academic performance, broaden career options and reduce negative behavior. Some people argue that extra curricular activities are time-consuming and require extensive work. Nevertheless, extra-curricular activities benefit students in many ways. First, students can acquire new skills relevant to the development of their future. Second, healthy activities occupy youngsters’ time meaningfully. In addition, students can take the opportunities to help their communities by volunteering for non-profit organisations or helping with our environment. Prior to entering the I.B. programme that requires participation in extra-curriculars, students should no doubt participate in at least one activity at a young age to open more doors to their future and benefit themselves and others.

Participating in a great variety of activities enables students to acquire skills important to their future careers. For instance, playing sports such as tennis can greatly improve agility. These skills aid students hoping to become athletes in the future and, in general, agilitylessens chances of injury. By getting more involved after school, youth are given a chance to develop a new passion, discover themselves, as well as think differently and flexibly. These are skills and abilities that are crucial to succeeding in any interest. For example, if a student desired to become a robotic engineer, participating in robotic and math programs would offer a constructive learning opportunity. Such engagements are able to broaden and deepen knowledge required for jobs that the standard school curriculum may not cover. Engaging in at least one extra curricular activity should provide students with valuable opportunities to develop relevant skills that help their future careers.

After school, many students simply finish their homework and do not engage in any amount of activities. A lack of variety in engagement can cause weariness and hinder the development of an active mind. Studies have shown that students who stay active and participate in multiple sports or activities tend to be happier and more alert than students concentrating on the same activity or staying inactive. There are also studies supporting that playing video games for a prolonged period of time without engaging in an array of additional activities can possibly shorten attention span and harm cognitive abilities, whereas playing sports after school can improve physical and mental health in adolescents. Team sports also provide participants with an opportunity to develop friendships and team spirit. To quote the studies done at the Harvard Medical School, “Exercise is the key for your head just as it is for your heart.”

More important, using one’s spare time to volunteer for charities allows students to connect with their communities, understand and assist with local issues and develop a more charitable mindset. Volunteers feel positive about themselves by assisting other members of their communities and those in need of help. For instance, students helping in old-age homes are giving back to society in a meaningful and rewarding way. There are many different ways to make a meaningful contribution to the community. Students can join environment clubs to help our planet suffering from pollution, a growing waste problem, global warming, food and water shortages and natural habitat destruction. Alternatively, youngsters volunteering to plant vegetables for a food bank can also help purify air and help people in need at the same time. Community work also helps students socialize with others, learn about the world and make positive changes in our society.

In summary, it is beneficial for high school students to engage in one or more extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities help students brighten their potential for the future by teaching them new skills, making them use their spare time proactively, and becoming receptive to new challenges and involvements.



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Best Buddies Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

Pajama Palooza

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