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Coming Soon: Vow of Silence

The Vow of Silence is an annual campaign by Craig and Marc Kielburger’s Free The Children, a charitable organization that works to empower youth from around the world to incite change in their communities and develop leadership skills.

Everyday, 30 000 children die from poverty-related cause; 121 million primary-school aged children are denied the right to education. Around the world, 300 000 little boys and girls are forced to act as soldiers, sex slaves, and servants during times of conflict; 218 million children around the world are forced to work as child labourers, 126 million of them working in eminently hazardous conditions.

The objective of the campaign is to stand in solidarity with the children around the world who have been silenced and whose rights are being ignored or have not been upheld.

Participants of the campaign range from individuals, to schools and community groups. The vow can be done in various levels; remaining silent can mean simply not speaking, or can go as far as limiting all communication of any kind - such as e-mail, text messages, notes, or even sign language. Whether done individually or as a group, once the 24 hours is complete, participants often celebrate their action taken on children’s rights in their communities by throwing events which do the same.

The Vow of Silence works to spread awareness in support of Free The Children’s projects, allowing children around the world the right to their education and providing their families with access to clean water, substantial health care, and sustainable sources of income.

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