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Humans of TFS: January 2019

Inspired by Humans of New York, Limited Edition has started a new initiative this year comprised of quotes from interviews accompanied by photos, captured weekly and posted on Limited Edition’s Instagram account, “@tfs.limitededition”. The aim of the series, published in a special section of each LTD issue, is to spotlight the diverse community members at TFS, whether they are simply in everyday life or highlighting an initiative.

The following pieces represent the cumulation of interviews since the November issue.

“We are the Students of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Super Hero Initiative of Earthborn Leader Devotees. Avengers: Endgame is coming out on April 26, 2019 and the trailer came out today. We watched it twice and it got better each time!


“We started the club this year because we wanted to help younger girls and boys get involved in STEM through fun, hands-on activities. Last week, we did an elephant toothpaste experiment and this week they’re trying to figure out themselves what ingredients make the best slime. There were a few obstacles we faced trying to get the club on its feet, but there’s a great turnout today and everyone seems to be having fun!”


“Can you caption it 13kk?”

“What’s that?”

“Our clan!”


“My idea for my collection in the I.B. art show is based on issues facing society and social manipulation. For this piece, I wanted look at how pollution by humans is affecting our oceans. I’m planning on adding plastic to the piece, but I’m still worried that people who see it won’t understand my artistic message. I think I like it so far, but it’s hard to tell because I spend so long looking at it while making it.”


“Some of us started making slime in grade two. For our slime business, our customers fill out a sheet where they can choose textures for their slime-like charms and beads. The price is usually between five and eight dollars and we give the money to the SickKids Foundation!”

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