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Seasoned Style: Fashion and Beauty Trends from Fashion Month

Collages by Megan Chong

January 2019 was a busy month in the fashion and beauty community. Intense surges of creativity were exhibited throughout the weeks across the globe. Here is a recap of some of the trends from the past month.

First, it was Kendall Jenner sporting Aritzia’s red Super Puff Jacket. Then, it was Offset wearing a lilac, floor-length puffer coat with a matching crossbody bag for the Off-White Fall 2019 show. Puffer jackets have slowly made a comeback and will definitely keep you cosy and chic! With the rise in activewear, puffer jackets are the perfect mélange of sportswear and 80’s style. In addition to jackets, puffer vests have been no exception to the trend. Puffer vests made their way into various collections in Paris and Milan, including Les Hommes and Kenzo. You can wear one with a turtleneck or simply layer it over a leather jacket -- the possibilities are endless!

Both men and women have been dressing in fluorescent colours. Bright hues of yellow, lime green and pink dominated the fashion scene this month. On the runway, Valentino, Viktor & Rolf and Gucci electrified the runway with psychedelic colours. A bright shade can have a huge impact on your mood in this gloomy weather. To incorporate these vivid supercharged colours into your wardrobe, try adding a neon eyeliner to your makeup routine or a highlighter coloured accessory to complete any look.

Designers Iris Van Herpen and Rebecca Minkoff are a few brands that have turned to technology to elevate their design. In Paris, Iris Van Herpen exhibited 3D-printed designs accompanied by face-contouring jewelry and cloud-like dresses in organza. In New York, Rebecca Minkoff showed the magic of combining digital components and activations into her clothing. This trend may be a little more difficult to achieve, but be on the lookout for innovative designs using customizable technology. There’s no doubt that technology is the future of fashion and will make for an exciting and interesting addition to any wardrobe.

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