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Simply Lived: Selected Poems

Taken For Granted

Consider yourself lucky

As my ink flattens you onto paper

Laying between the lines you get to look up at me

See my glimmering analytical eyes

Leer at that paper and scan you up and down

You get to see my smile, my tears, and my frown

You get to drown in my thoughts

Consider yourself lucky as you’ve been reanimated, Sedated, and put on display

Become part of my collection

Of love and dismay

Simply tucked away,

But still one of the biggest parts of me

You’ve made the cut -

Consider yourself lucky


A Piece of My Heart

You’ve dissipated

And yet you still own a piece of my heart

Encapsulated sits one small part

Even as I fade away my wrists stay locked in chains

Even if those chains don’t make me stay

They will move with me day to day

Reminding me that you will always have a say

That piece of my heart lays flat in your hand

Free to do with it what you will-

Break it into a million pieces like sand, crush it and have no reprimand

Play with it, throw it like putty on a window sill-

I said do with it what you will

Because still -

You represent a hill that I’ve climbed, a thrill that I’ve put behind,

A part of you that’s mine too

You’ll always own a piece of my heart


A Pen With No Point

I write with the same motion

Over and over again

The chapter never seems to end

Love for one,

Hate for another

My pen hovers before writing

Of the desire for the same lover

As I cover the paper

In favour of anger

I can’t help but think -

What have I changed?

I rearrange words and scribble blurbs

But it hurts when I write the same thing

The pressure I write with I feel in my lungs

I feel like a towel being rung

Tears run and I taste salt on my tongue

My skin stung from repetition

A blurred mission

My thoughts whisked away

Realizing a pen and paper

doesn’t truly give me a say

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