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Why Sports?

Students like you and me often want to stay in bed in the mornings instead of going to those early practices at 7 am. We want to be able to leave school when the final bell of the day rings at 4 pm instead of staying till five thirty for practice. And we want to hang out with our friends whenever our schedules allow for it. Students often ask their parents, “Why do I have to participate in a school sport?” Each parent has a different opinion; however a recurring answer is that “it will be a great learning experience.” In this article, you will understand the benefits of participating on a school sports team.

School sports teams here at TFS are not only enjoyable, but they also create relationships between people in different grades, classes and social groups. Skills such as teamwork, resilience, integrity, compassion and empathy are also developed through these team sports. They teach us how a sport tryout works and how to handle sometimes not getting picked for the team we wanted. These are all amazing skills that can help all students when applying for a job or working in a group project (whether that's at school, in college/university or in the real world).

Participating in a team sport at school can make students more focused while they are in class, doing their homework or during a test. This focus is created because children and teens have released their extra energy after a team practice or game such that they are physically ready to focus when the time comes to sit down in class or do homework. In addition, being on a sports team can help students with feeling more active. Because they are dedicated and contributing to their team when playing their sport, most children tend to use the same type of hard work and dedication to do their homework, tests, as well as when they are participating in class.


For our FALL athletics:

In the following two weeks our junior and senior fall teams will be facing other schools in their league during their semi-final and final games. GO COUGARS!

For our WINTER athletics:

If you have or haven’t already participated in a school sports team during the fall and you would like to try out for a winter team, now’s the time because our winter team tryouts start right after the November break.

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