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Love Actually? Poem

Love Actually?

Sitting in a little beat up Chinese restaurant we stumbled upon

Because we both couldn't make up our minds about where to eat

Starting on opposite sides of the booth, the restaurant busy

We talk

You’re intrigued and i'm fascinated

And the time flies by

You're now on my side

Head tipped back as you smile

I want to hear about your world

Want to know what you believe

And I spill my secrets

I thought I would always keep

The waiter comes by and asks us to leave

It's closing time

And they think we are annoying

Or maybe too happy

But we stumble out

Laughing, grabbing our coats

And you say something like

“You should probably head home”

And I sigh and I realize that it's probably true

But I grab your hand and pull you away

Along the tiny shops under the moon

Because yes I should go and I'll hear about it the next day

But all I could think in that moment is

“I want to stay.”

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