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Self-Isolation Crossword


3. even though its getting warmer, these are getting longer (6)

6. one of the few animals suffering more than humans (9)

11. a television show, maybe? (3,3,2,6)

12. the reason tigers are getting COVID-19 tests (5,4)

13. the second most talked about thing to come out of China (3,3)

14. a far-off dream for seniors (10)

15. definitely not a q-tip (5,4)


1. the one thing Mardi Gras got right this year (5)

2. in the before times it was reserved to cowboys, now an essential article of clothing (7)

4. the most underrated pulp and paper product (5,5)

5. what we turned to when our Starbucks withdrawal kicked in (7,6)

7. a boujee white bread (9)

8. seldom seen nowadays but apparently very beneficial (8)

9. those paper or electronic things you say you have more time for now (5)

10. an activity once enjoyed by toddlers, now a symbol of unity (10)

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