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To The Class of 2020: Poem

To the Class of 2020,

despite the shortened run,

Through all the highs and all the lows,

together we’ve had fun!

It started way back in 0-2,

and ended in 2-0.

I know that we will all be happy,

wherever we may go.

Hands down Marino’s favorites,

he told us every day,

we were all his little tourists,

dodging the Brevet!

Through all the comings and the goings

our core remained the same,

with every subject proving hard,

the sciences like a game.

When Level 5 started up,

I might have missed red tie,

eased because I had another year

to fully say goodbye.

December came around the bend,

our uni apps went in!

One by one we finished tasks,

somewhat with a grin.

February and March came and went,

TOK was done,

and after finishing Prep Exams,

The hard course had been run.

In March we all left for spring break,

For Florida and Europe too,

the Earth got ill and the government said:

“We’re closing up ‘til June!”

So going back to Level 2,

abandoned was Brevet,

then COVID-19 broke our hearts,

Exams cancelled in May.

Sadly then I understood,

traditions were thus screwed,

with 70 of my closest friends,

I didn’t know what to do!

While health and safety is a must,

distraught, my friends and I,

Face-timed every single day,

in the hope the end was nigh.

And following our final term,

what I will say is this:

the Class of ‘20 in my heart,

You forever will be missed.

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