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For someone lacking them,

Even without a single thumb,

I know their great weakness,

Including their great loveliness.

These little lifeless loose ends

Without a God’s amazing amends,

Is what at very most stands

For what I will give the name hands.

By the time I was five

My gift had given an arrive.

Alloy and alive they were

Machine-like hands I could to refer.

However, I hold softly

My dear wife I love so awfully

In the “strange” and “odd” grasp

Of my loosely unfinished clasp.

Lady enjoyed their “ugly”

And sang all day of them as sunny.

I thought she was crazy

While my heart always sprouts white daisy.

Married we were at last

With our fondness ever so vast.

Still she holds my stubby limb

As the infant gets his first trim.

Day ends, off goes the robot

That I don’t ever miss a lot

For that I have a beating heart

That’s in need of no hands.


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