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The Originality Of Good Riddance by Gracie Abrams

In most albums, the majority of the songs written by musical artists (especially in indie, pop, and jazz music) are about the musician’s experiences and how they’ve been hurt by others. The album Good Riddance was released this month on February 24th and in most of the songs, the singer metaphorically paints herself as the villain in other people’s stories. Examples of her criminal image are: “I never was the best to you,” “you’re the worst of my crimes,” and “but you’re better off (I know it won’t work).” She makes it obvious that she was the problem in the situation (it’s unclear whether she’s talking about more than one), which is a unique point of view to take, especially since it’s the main theme of the album. Abrams really goes inward with her thought process and it’s expressed with a maturity that is rare in music. It’s different that she’s so open about her mistakes, and it’s very introspective of her to take her errors and put them into words.


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