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Thoughts about online school

School has recently been moved to online and students are still adapting to the new way of learning. I asked a few kids from Level 1 about their opinions on online learning and here are some things some people had to say.

“I think we should do more group work because we never get to see our friends and it would make it feel a little more normal to be working in groups for projects. I think the teachers should make us write more on paper and less on the computer cause it hurts my eyes.”


“I hate it, nothing makes sense, but I like being at home.”


“Online learning is different than in school because I find it harder to listen to teachers and stuff especially once it’s the end of the day but it also gives you your own space and it helps me manage my time better because you have more time on your hands. I do prefer going to school because I get to see my friends more and I get to interact with more people but I do find it easier for me to focus online and in class because there’s less distractions.”


“I think online learning is very good cause we learn the same things but at home and it’s not any different from school cause we can only see our friends at lunch recess or even when we are in class we have to social distance.”


“I think online is fine but it has a big impact on students’ mental health and physical health. I think that the teachers give a good amount of work but sometimes they demand certains things for work. I think that online is just fine.”


“I think online learning is not a great way to learn new things, especially if there are connection problems and loud households like mine. Also taking tests online is very difficult. Also the amount of headaches and eye problems increase.”


“Online learning is a great solution to what’s going on recently. COVID-19 has not let us go to school so this has been very resourceful. I think that online learning, although a good alternative to school, is sometimes difficult to concentrate. I find it a bit difficult to concentrate because there are many distractions. I think people also associate their house with relaxing and in school with doing work so it could be difficult to concentrate somewhere where you don’t normally concentrate at.”


“I like online school because you don’t have to wake up early and you have more freedom but I don’t like it because I have a lack of motivation and there are a lot of distractions such as apps on my phone.”


“I think that in the situation we are in, with the circumstances, online learning has been pretty good, in the sense that i feel we are still learning at a similar pace, which is good. However, I am not a big fan of sitting in one space for the whole day, but hopefully the 50 minute classes should help with us. The 10 in shorter classes are gonna be nice.”


“I think it’s necessary at a time like this, because if we make the sacrifice now it will benefit us later. The way the school is handling it is really impressive because they quickly adapted to a fast changing situation, but Doug Ford said he would look at each school and each region specifically and our school only had two confirmed cases and compared to other schools that’s really good. So all in all, I think it is a little sad not to socialize and all but for the time being it seems like the right decision.”


“I like our online classes and I’m glad they aren’t recorded so we can do them live. I don’t like however staring at the screen for so long just because it’s bad for our eyes.”


There are multiple pros and cons to online learning.

Pors: Many people think that online classes are a great solution to help with the pandemic. One thing many like is not waking up earlier. I personally like being able to wake up later because before I was waking up at 6:30. Our classes are also currently being reduced by 10 minutes and some really like that.

Cons: People don’t like looking at their screens all day, saying it hurts their eyes. Many also said that they don't like it because they are seeing that they have a lack of motivation and see many distractions. They find it hard to concentrate because they typically associate their room to sleeping and not working meaning that could be a really big change. They think it's harder to learn. Another challenge is not having good internet connection or the wifi cutting out in the middle of class.

In my opinion online classes are a really different way of learning, that have strengths and weaknesses. I find it easy to block out distractions and focus just on school, which is really nice. I don’t enjoy taking tests online because of all the protocols, I was mainly stressed with making sure I was following them all and that distracted from my studying for the test. I also get really big headaches from looking at the screen all day. I think there are many great aspects to online classes but there are also quite a few downs.


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